Dean is a multi-award-winning scientist and science communicator. He has actively promoted palaeontology for numerous years. Whether this has involved working with youngsters interested in dinosaurs or lecturing to geological societies or giving keynote speeches, he continues to promote palaeontology through various events, inspiring people of all ages.

Dean undertaking a variety of events.
Dean undertaking a variety of events.

His accessible and fun approach to science make him a much sought after speaker and he is available for talks, presentations and corporate events whether these are lectures, panel discussions or after dinner speeches. Other examples include palaeontological Q/A's, fossil handling and identifications, and leading fossil hunting trips (worldwide). Much of Dean’s science communication and outreach includes work with the media.

He is very passionate about sharing his love for palaeontology and actively engages people of all ages with the subject. With his infectious enthusiasm and genuine love for his subject (seen often to be a ‘dry’ and ‘closed’ science) Dean intends to continue to inspire a wide-ranging audience and ignite their interest in the science of palaeontology. Palaeontology is awesome, it’s for everyone!

  • Fossils of the Whitby Coast. An introduction to the fossils of the Whitby Coast. Public lecture for The British Pteridological Society (for fern lovers!). Saturday 22 April (10.40 - 11.10 am) at the MWilberforce Building Lecture Theatre 1, University of Hull, Hull.

  • Dinosaurs and Ichthyosaurs of Britain. An introduction to British dinosaurs & an insight into Dean's research on British ichthyosaurs. Public lecture for The Lyme Regis Fossil Festival. Saturday 29 April (6.00 pm) at the Marine Theatrem, Lyme Regis, Dorset.

  • The incredible Ichthyosaurus: a reassessment of a British Jurassic icon. Guest lecture for the Geologists' Association. Friday 2 June (6.00 pm) at Geological Society, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London.

  • Jurassic Britain. An introduction to British dinosaurs & an insight into Dean's research on British ichthyosaurs. Guest speaker for the Cheltenham Science Festival (#cheltscifest). Sunday 11 June (5.00-6.00 pm) at The Crucible, Cheltenham Science Festival.

  • British Dinosaurs. Keynote lecture for Bournemouth University. Saturday 8 July (time TBC). More details to follow soon.

  • Q&A with Dean Lomax! Special event for the Gloworm Festival 2017! Sat-Sun 19-20 August (10-5.00) at Clumber Park, Sherwood Forest, Worksop.

  • The University of Keele. Keynote speaker for annual GeoSoc Winter Ball: Awakening the Sea Dragons: Rediscovering Ichthyosaurs. (170 attnd, Feb, 2017).

  • Thomas Hardye School. Public lecture for the renowned Thomas Hardye Lecture Series: Discovering Dinosaurs in Britain!. (450 attnd, Feb, 2017).

  • Jurassic Coast World Heritage Team. Special lecture/workshop for the #BigJurassicClassroom event (introducing teachers to palaeontology): What did the ichthyosaur eat?. (15 attnd, Feb, 2017).

  • Junior Chamber International (JCI). Keynote lecture for JCI Launchpad: Adventures of a Palaeontologist: Making Dreams Reality. (100 attnd, Jan, 2017)

  • Manchester Geological Association. Guest lecture for special event series: Recent Discoveries in British Palaeontology. A series of x4 talks from various experts. The incredible Ichthyosaurus: a reassessment of a British Jurassic icon (approx. 75 people, Dec, 2016).

  • CENTA Festival of Science at the University of Leicester. Keynote Lecture: Communicating Science – Palaeontology and the Public. (120 attnd, Sept, 2016).

  • Dragonfly Group Ltd at the Great Little Trading Co. London Special guest for the launch of the What's so special about dinosaurs...? series of childrens dinosaur books (approx. 70 attnd, Sept, 2016).

  • Exmouth County Council (part of the Jurassic Coast, World Heritage community). Special Guest Lecture & Q&A Event for the Dinosaur Trail - Jurassic Safari launch. Public lecture and Q&A. Dinosaurs, Sea Dragons & More: Superstars of the Jurassic Coast (approx. 2000 people, Aug, 2016).

  • Hull Geological Society, the University of Hull. Public lecture: British Dinosaurs: A Story Untold (approx. 65 attnd, Feb, 2016).

  • Yorkshire Wildlife Park Education Department. Recurring guest speaker: A short introduction to palaeontology – Dinosaurs & Evolution. An award winning day for year 6 students studying ‘evolution and inheritance’ (most recent: Feb, 2016).

  • Doncaster Dome Leisure Centre. Dino Day event (approx. 2,500 attnd). A two-day, public event discussing palaeontology, dinosaurs and handling real fossils (Oct, 2015).

  • Yorkshire Wildlife Park. x2 Public lecture: Dinosaurs of Britain (approx. 160 attnd, Oct, 2015).

  • Orlando Science Center, Florida, USA. Impromptu guest speech regarding dinosaurs (Sept, 2015).

  • UKAFH (United Kingdom Amateur Fossil Hunters). Trip leader for a fossil hunt to Saltwick Bay, Whitby (approx. 40 attnd, Aug, 2015).

  • National Museum of Wales, Cardiff. Guest speech (250+ attnd) for the unveiling of a new Welsh theropod dinosaur (June, 2015).

  • Horncastle Community Primary School. An introduction to palaeontology (approx. 70 children). An interactive talk looking at the basics of palaeontology & how to follow your dreams (April, 2015).

  • Oxfordshire Science Festival at The Oxford University Museum of Natural History, Oxford. Public lecture (150+ attnd, March, 2015).

  • CBBC Newsround. Live guest appearance discussing the new ichthyosaur species, Ichthyosaurus anningae (Feb, 2015).

  • Dinosaur Isle Museum, Isle of Wight. Guest of honour: book signing and public lecture (Nov, 2014).

  • Channel 4's Sunday Brunch Live! Guest appearance discussing palaeontology, British dinosaurs and the new book, Dinosaurs of the British Isles (Oct, 2014).

  • Manchester Geological Association, the University of Manchester . Guest lecture: Dinosaur Diversity in the British Isles (Oct, 2014).

  • Yorkshire Museum & Gardens Researcher's Night. Public event: book signing and fossil identification (Sept, 2014).

  • Yorkshire Wildlife Park, Doncaster. Public event: meet a real palaeontologist, handle multi-million year old fossils & check out the new dinosaur book! (Aug, 2014).

  • Oldham Geological Society - Doncaster Museum’s hidden palaeontological treasures. A tour of the palaeontology collection at Doncaster Museum (April, 2014).

  • The University of Bristol (Bristol Dinosaur Project). Public lecture: Dinosaur Diversity in the British Isles (Nov, 2013).

  • Doncaster Naturalist Association. Guest speaker: Fossils of the Whitby coast (Oct, 2013).

  • UKAFH (United Kingdom Amateur Fossil Hunters). Trip leader for fossil hunt to Saltwick Bay, Whitby (approx. 40 people, Oct, 2012).

  • Liverpool World Museum. Public lecture on extinct marine reptiles (Feb, 2012).

  • Young Archaeologists Club, Doncaster. Guest talk on palaeontology with a specific emphasis on dinosaurs (Sept, 2011).

  • Doncaster Talking Newspaper Society. Guest speaker for the blind. A talk explaining and describing how fossils feel, what they are made from and how the animals would have looked like in life (July, 2010).

  • Friends of Doncaster Museum. Six part education course. A lecture series regarding palaeontology, incorporating the history of the subject and discussion of fossils. This also included leading a fieldtrip to the Yorkshire coast (40+ people). Aimed at a general audience interested in fossils, palaeontology and the natural world (June–July, 2010).

  • Sackville school, East Grinstead, Sussex. Guest speaker: a) Achieving your dreams & aiming high: GCSE/A-level students; b) Hands on fossils: fossil handling with Year 7 students (Feb, 2010).