I readily enjoy sharing my enthusiasm for palaeontology with the public and I am very passionate about science communication. I regularly appear on TV and Radio, as an expert and occasional presenter or co-host, where you will find me waxing lyrically about the latest and greatest palaeontological research and discoveries, including my own. Behind camera I also work as a consultant for various TV programmes and production companies and have written and helped to creatively develop ideas. I’m always happy to chat about palaeontology and related TV projects, either as presenter, talking head or as consultant/advisor, so drop me a line if you’re interested in working together. Alternatively, please contact Nigel Hetherington at Past Preservers.

Dean Lomax alongside Ellie Harrison for ITV’s Dinosaur Britain.
A selection of my TV and media-related public engagement events.

Since 2008 I have been actively involved with the media, and over the years I have featured in several news programmes and documentaries chatting about my research and the field of palaeontology, with emphasis on dinosaurs, prehistoric life and evolution. Most notably, in 2015, I was the expert co-presenter and series advisor for ITV’s primetime series Dinosaur Britain (also on Amazon Prime), appearing alongside presenter Ellie Harrison. I worked in partnership with Maverick TV in the development of the idea and story, which was based around my book, Dinosaurs of the British Isles, and collaborated with Jellyfish Pictures for the CGI reconstructions. In 2017, I was selected as a leading palaeontologist and explorer for CNN International's CNN Inspirations – Wild Discoveries show, where I presented my latest research along with other recent discoveries in palaeontology. During the same year I also co-hosted a BBC One Show mini documentary in 2017 called ‘Fake or Fossil’, co-presented with Philip Mould of BBC's 'Fake or Fortune' TV series.

More recently, I was series consultant and talking head for NHK’s (Japan) The Dinosaur Superworld and Curiosity Stream’s Amazing Dinoworld (2019) and appear as a recurring expert in the epic dino-documentary “Why Dinosaurs?” (2021). I have appeared as talking head on numerous other programmes, including, Countryfile on BBC, BBC Breakfast, BBC Wales, BBC World News, CBBC Newsround, ITV and STV, Sunday Brunch Live, Sky News, Voice of America, and several local BBC TV stations. I have worked as a consultant for ITV, BBC, NHK, CNN and several production companies, including work with the BBC Bristol Natural History Unit developing an idea that evolved into the documentary Attenborough and the Sea Dragon with Sir David Attenborough (2018), as detailed in an article I wrote for The Conversation. In 2017-18, I also worked alongside writer/director Natashia Mattocks as a specialist advisor for a National Film and Television School period drama called “MARY ANNING”, which was longlisted for the Best Short Film BAFTA. I also worked with award-winning film director and photographer, James Morgan, as the Scientific Advisor for a short feature film about young Mary Anning, called “SEA DRAGON”, which aired in 2021. In the same year, I teamed up with Kinder as part of their first-ever Masters of Play Festival, featuring as an expert host alongside Jordan Banjo, 'Draw with Rob' and Dr Elizabeth Kilbey, with a special "Totally Roarsome Q&A with Dr Dean Lomax."

In addition to my work in TV, I have featured on hundreds of radio shows as an expert, discussing my own research and commenting on the latest discoveries and finds in palaeontology. This has included countless interviews on BBC radio stations, such as BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme, Start the Week, and Saturday Live, BBC Radio 5Live, BBC World Service, BBC Scotland, BBC Wales, and many regional stations. I have been interviewed on many other stations and popular podcasts, including Talk RADIO, Fun Kids Radio, Audible’s A Grown-Up Guide to Dinosaurs and many more. My research and work has also been covered extensively through traditional media and popular press, including for National Geographic (such as here and here), New York Times, Scientific American, The Verge, Independent, Guardian, Cosmos, The Conversation, Heat Magazine, Live Science (such as here and here), Skeptics Guide to the Universe, Reuters, IBTimes, Daily Mail, PhysOrg, Yorkshire Life Magazine, IFLScience, BBC, Smithsonian Mag, among others. Working with fellow palaeodude, Jason Sherburn, I also co-host the palaeontology podcast, ‘On the FOSSIL Record’.

In 2019, I presented a TEDx talk about my unusual path to a successful career in palaeontology and why being told “stop playing with dinosaurs and get a real job” excelled my passion for palaeontology ever further. You can watch the talk here: My unorthodox path to success: How my passion for the past shaped my future.

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